Meet the Doula

My journey with birth work started in 2016 when I gave birth to my son. Like many women, I was incredibly moved by the power of my body and the great forces of birth. My experience left me feeling empowered and has given me the strength needed for motherhood and beyond.


  • Natural Resources Birth Doula Training 

  • Natural Resources Postpartum 

  • From Trauma to Triumph: When Survivors Give Birth Foundational Training

Photo taken by Cathy Nguyen Photography

Pregnant belly

My Birth Philosophy

I believe that every birthing person deserves a doula. 

I believe that going into your birth with a clear understanding of your options will help you feel empowered in your decisions.

I believe that whether you choose to birth naturally in your home or schedule a cesarean, you deserve a support person to advocate for you.

I believe that my role is not to replace your partner/family, but to provide additional support to your amazing birth team. 

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

My Postpatrum Philosophy

I believe that new families are off to their best start when they have adequate support for feeding, sleeping, nutrition, and emotional changes that come with the postpartum period.